Version 1.5 of KIT Data Manager is now available. Some highlights of this release are:

Overall Performance: With KIT DM 1.5 we were able to achieve incredible performance improvements. Especially authorization decisions are now made in a fraction of time compared to previous versions. These improvements result in a couple of advantages: the response times are reduced for all use cases, response times are now mostly independent from the number of objects in the repository, and the system scales very well, even for huge numbers of digital objects. We've tested it for up to a million objects with almost no effect on the query performance.

In addition to an improvement of the overall performance of metadata access and authorization decisions, also the staging performance has been improved. In previous versions, each finalization job could only trigger one transfer finalization. Together with the low trigger rate of 30 to 60 seconds, it could take a long time to ingest the data into the repository storage when dealing with a huge number of ingests. In KIT DM 1.5 the configured number of parallel transfers (ingests and downloads) are actually executed in parallel. In combination with a small default trigger rate of two seconds for ingests and three seconds for downloads can result in an ingest rate of up to five digital objects per second. For ingesting large files, this improvement will only have a small effect as the limiting factor is the bandwidth.

First Start Wizard: Since KIT DM 1.4 a file names 'sampledata.sql' was shipped with each release containing basic entries for the database, e.g. the administrator user, default groups and standard metadata elements. This approach is fine except the fact that each repository instance has the same administrator user and password, which represents a hugh security risk. In version 1.5 a so called first start wizard has been introduced. After starting the KIT DM instance for the first time you should browse to http://myhost:8080/KITDM There you will be guided step-by-step through the first time setup process including administrator creation, creation of the first staging access point and metadata extractor.

Please refer to the resources section to download the binary release. You can also download the update package. Update instructions you can find in the manual.


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