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The Publication Repository serves as showcase for highly customized repository solutions. It allows to manage publications by their BibTeX attributes and to provide accompanying data, e.g. figures, tables, processing results or even raw data. The data assigned to a publication can be referenced by a unique identifier assigned by the Publication Repository. An easy-to-use Web interface allows to manage the publications and to search for them in a Google-like simplicity. Additionally, repository entries can be shared as QR-Code, exported as BibTeX entries and looked up in Google Scholar.

From the respository system-perspective the Publication Repository covers the following features and workflows (adressed features and services are in brackets):

  • Add new publication.
    • Register and index metadata (Administrative- and Content Metadata)
    • Prepare data ingest location (DataManagement and Staging).
    • Provide manual data ingest via WebDAV (Staging via WebDav AccessPoint).
  • Finalize data ingest.
    • ZIP uploaded data (StagingProcessor).
    • Move original data to managed archive location (Staging).
    • Provide ZIP as direct download via HTTP (DataOrganization/Views).
  • Reference publication and its data via a unique identifier (Publishing/Sharing).

If you are eager to try the Publication Repository you can find an according binary in the Resources Section.


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